Katie Meiklejohn

Katie heads our Research division and currently manages Ranch Advisory’s Monitoring Program, collecting the ecological data that underpins the company’s Advisory and Management services. Katie has over 15 years of experience in landscape-scale conservation and has worked extensively with ranchers to identify strategies that simultaneously enhance ecological health, financial success and human well-being. Prior to …

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Todd Graham

Todd has over twenty years’ experience improving the ecological and financial performance of working ranches, having influenced the management of roughly 11 million acres in the western United States. Through a combination of consulting, management, and ownership, he has helped over 25 ranches convert operations from more traditional practices toward conservation-oriented approaches that carried themselves …

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Sean Puckett

Sean has 10+ years in capital markets including banking and bank regulation with the United States Treasury. During his time at the Treasury he was responsible for conducting examinations of community and mid-sized banks ($10-$50 billion) including capital markets and loan portfolio reviews to ensure compliance with the roll-out of the Dodd-Frank Act in 2016-2017. …

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