Rich Bradbury

Rich Bradbury was raised wild in the embrace of Southeast Oregon’s Great Basin. He grew up working amongst buckaroos and cattlemen who taught him the delicate balance of nature and commence. As a son of ranching parents who were instrumental in founding Country Natural Beef, one of the first and largest rancher owned and operated natural beef cooperatives—he is familiar with the retail beef business. His family has forged a distinct approach to ranching. Since the 1980s, the Bradbury operation has embraced holistic resource management, early to market cattle free of hormones and antibiotics. Since 2017 Rich has been immersed in creating a scalable fresh year-round grass-fed beef for customers in the Intermountain West and the Pacific Northwest. He is a candid advocate for rancher and farmer leadership in the emerging regenerative agriculture movement. He passionately believes that current food and environmental pressures are fixable by returning as much of each retail food dollar to the land and rural communities responsible for producing that food