Mark Vange

Mark is the current Chief Technology Officer of NextPlay Technologies and founder of Token IQ – a global cryptomarket company that generate smart compliant tokens for securitizing investments through tokenization. Mark sold his first program at the age of 10, had his first company by the age of 13 and entered university with 25 employees and the top-selling video game of the year under his belt. Since then Mark has built and sold several companies and has become a sought-after adviser and mentor in the blockchain and crypto space. Mark’s first on-line success was VR-1, a company he helped build into the world’s largest publisher of Massively Multiplayer Games by creating a vision for MMO gaming, inventing novel communication protocols and leading development around the world. Mark’s was also the Chief Technology Officer of Electronic Arts Interactive, which he joined through the acquisition of a company he co-founded, and where he led the evolution of EA’s mobile, social and online products and platforms.